Complexity and quality made easy.


When we say we can, we really mean it. Our scope gives us the capability to create entire building façades from the ground up.


Custom-designed commercial podiums and complex glass structures.

Curtain Wall

Local expertise in curtain wall, international supply.

Window Wall

Cost-effective imported windows and doors.

Niche Projects

Bespoke Complexity


We innovate, we are designers, engineers and project teams that are backed by an Executive who are easy to work with and are committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with glass and building facades.

Matthew Hartley
Matthew Hartley
Managing Director
Gary Simmons
Gary Simmons
Chief Financial Officer
Steven Lu
Steven Lu
Chief Technical Officer
Ante Bosnjak
Ante Bosnjak
Operations Manager


Here’s the truth. With the construction industry using multiple-discipline design platforms, 2D drafting and basic BIM, there’s a high risk of budget over-runs, program delays and quality issues. Empire brings together design, technology and practical know-how to create an integrated technology platform that reduces this risk. Check out SEAM, our collaborative technology platform.


Simulated Engineering Architectural Modelling, SEAM, virtually builds complex projects. SEAM lets everyone working on a project see what’s happening. Decisions are made collaboratively in real-time eliminating errors and reducing risk. Once a project is built, facilities management is easier, more efficient and cost-effective. SEAM is the future of construction.

3D clash detection and coordination

4D scheduling, simulation and real-time code tracking

5D QTO's and real-time cost planning

6D FM and As Built modelling (LOD 500)

Global Sourcing

Our vast global supply network makes the world smaller – we have established supply chains in China and South East Asia, Indonesia, Germany, Switzerland, Canada and the USA. Whilst globally sourced, the products we use are accredited to Australian standards and are locally tested.


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